Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have never felt healthier in my life than when I practiced a hundred days straight of Bikrim yoga. My good friend Ingrid introduced me to hot yoga about four years ago. It took about six months for the benefits to wear off when I had to quit due to schedule conflicts. I really should have reconsidered my priorities then. The benefits being that I had very little stress despite living with several roommates and taking engineering classes at Humboldt State. Oh, and I had a crazy, crazy boss. Yoga pulled me through. Eventually however, the pressure of being a good college student, working full time and trying to demand boundaries from my roommates took its toll.

Later, I went on a fabulous detox diet which included eating a ton of garlic! Yum! Funny, I just realized that the guy I was dating at the time never complained about the garlic but the guy before that totally resented the yoga class. Hot buff girl or stinky garlic girl, take your pick. Perhaps because he was a ocean fisherman that he cared little for smell? Ah well, that is a story for another time. The detox was almost as beneficial as the yoga. I had great skin and no heartburn the whole diet. And I slept really well. Oh, and I had an even crazier boss during the detox. Maybe I was symbolically ridding him from my system.

All this yoga detox thought came about from some recent horrid pictures taken on my Memorial Day wine fest with Portland friends posted by those same friends on my facebook page. Great, now everybody knows that I only post the really flattering pics of myself on my profile (did someone say photoshop?). Granted, it is unfair to judge yourself when the pictures were taken midday without make-up, little sleep and with a slight hangover. But, still! Even under those conditions one cannot hide the love handles spewing over the sides of her skirt. Sigh...

I have been to the gym, like, four whole times this year. So, I am, you know, making an effort to get healthy. Yeah. And, apparently, this thing called "cardio" actually contributes to weight loss. K, whatever. Maybe I could get off the computer for a few minutes a day and practice yoga with my baby. She has already demonstrated her desire to get started.

Isabella showing off downward facing dog.
Here is an additional link to some Bikrim yoga poses:


Hannah said...

Oh honey, sorry the pictures made you feel self conscious. I think you're gorgeous.

If I only posted flattering pictures of myself, I would deprive everyone the joy and laughter that comes from seeing me on the ground with a broken chair.


julylamoon said...


hey, so you are the one reading my blog! i would have taken them down if they were too unsightly but it is a good reminder to stop eating so many cookies nonetheless. i know it is only me who notices the teeny tiny flaws... i was only talking about the next day pics anyway. the other pics were great. and you are right--i am gorgeous! and so are all my friends. oh, and thanks for the laughs too.

RedCurlGirl said...

so yoga really works? I've been contemplating it...

julylamoon said...

I find that yoga is a good jump start to a workout. If I start a Monday off with an intense yoga session then the next day I am more motivated to go to the gym. I feel the "burn" with yoga. Bikrim is a tough workout. There are several types of yoga to consider. Even the lighter versions however are beneficial if you are the type who holds a lot of stress. I feel much, much calmer after a yoga class mostly because I have taken the time to breath effectively. I hope that makes sense RedCurlGirl! Just try a class or two and notice a difference in your attitude and zest for life. And, while you are there, check out the bodies on the more advanced yoga participants. Yoga bodies are nice and sculpted--which gives me lots of motivation to get thru to the next pose. Good luck!

kim* said...

lol cute isabeele. i get bored of yoga but i know id feel better if i did it.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Your daughter is adorable! My youngest is almost 16 months old and SO different then her brother! Well he's 7, and a boy, and the first and just easy :)
She keeps me on my toes!

I did Yoga several years ago and LOVED it! Never felt better and really need to get back in to it. My wee one does the same downward dog as your cutie does!

Okay, I've rambled long enough!


(Great Etsy shop too!!!!)