Thursday, June 25, 2009


Time now to promote my newest creative endeavour:

Olibella is a handmade hair clip and accessory boutique for girls of all ages. The shop is run by my friend, Agnieszka, and me. Though my role is more of a moral supportive one, I have been working steadfast on some new items in order to reap the rewards, I mean, pull my weight. Julylamoon will stay my main focus as jewelry is my passion, however. I just thought it would be fun to expand into the world of hair flair.

Right now we are in the beginning stages of setting up shop and listing items. Agnieszka spent the last two months busily making items for Olibella during a recent visit with her family in Poland. While she worked away, I busily sat in front of a pile of ribbons and rhinestones just daydreaming. Someday my daydreams will pay off big time. Just you wait. It is gonna be good.

Until then, please feel free to stop by and have a look at our, ahem, mostly her, okay all her creations. Many of the handmade felt embellishments are one of a kind and exclusive to Olibella. We would love to have you stop by even if just for a look.

p.s. To all my loyal followers, all two of you, get pumped for an upcoming blog giveaway! I had intended to have a giveaway sooner than now but, that would have required I blog more often than on a whim.


RedCurlGirl said...

those are so adorable!!

julylamoon said...

Yea! Thanks, we have a good time getting glue all over our fingers. <3