Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Found Browsing the Etsy Forums

While working in food service, before my current position as mom (extraordinare), I often experienced similar ridiculous situations in which people tried to argue prices of food for sale. "Um, 45 cents for a donut? Outrage! You should be ashamed of yourself...", "I want the soda for free then!", and "Make that a heavy pour, your tip depends on it" etc. My usual response was to smile and/or use sarcasm.  So, when I watched this youtube montage I laughed out loud because it really hits home with me. 

I am not sure how people learned to be this way. I guess it works for them. I don't have the gall. Even as an exchange student in Thailand ten years ago, where the cultural norm is to haggle over goods, I just paid the extra couple of baht so as to not deal with the stress. Maybe I don't want people to think I am a cheapskate. Not to judge those who do ask for a discount. Just don't be a jerk about not getting your way. And don't make the lowly minimum wage employee feel like they ruined your whole life because they have no control over what the business charges. Please.

On with the show:

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