Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Baby! Well, soon...

My older brother and his wife are expecting a girl in November. To celebrate a baby I NEVER thought would exist (my brother used to be so grumpy! :)), I commissioned a lovely baby blankie from Etsy seller ballofyarn. She is a fabulous lady with a lovely and creative shop specializing in fashions for both kids and ladies alike. Karen you are the best! I can also say Karen has an enormous amount of patience for the likes of me who cannot make up my mind to save my life. For example: try to choose just ONE accent color, just one, and see how long it takes me to decide. Try 15 convos. And, then I will second guess that choice. The pictures here Karen took of the finished product after months of decision making. My sister-in-law better love it. And so better that baby. I really do hope it is a girl. Although, color shouldn't really matter, right?

I love this gorgeous afghan seen above with matching beanie!