Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear Baby,

Look how comfy your crib looks! I say you give it one more try (please for the love of god)! Fourteen months with us in our bed was sweet. But, I need some sleep and you are hogging the sheets.  I still love you, really, I do. Kitty tested it out for you and approves.


Karen said...

oooh I remember those days! They don't last very long, so cherish them! My babies are 15, 12 and 7. They grow up sooo fast. Enjoy this time! You take great pics. Your jewelry is beautiful!

Jen said...

I remember those days, too! It seemed so sweet when you first start sleeping with them, then it all goes horribly wrong! Now that mine are all out of our bed, I have to admit that I miss it a little bit.

Just a little bit!

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365 Letters said...

Good luck! ;-) My daughter slept with us quite a bit, but she's happy in her own room now.

julylamoon said...

oh good, I am not a bad mom then! Thanks for the kudos! <3